Small Portable Safety Shield - 24" x 32"

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From grocery stores and pharmacies to hospitals and hotels, our custom Polycarbonate sneeze guards and safety shields come in a variety of sizes to fit your needs.

  • Transparent panel creates a physical barrier between people while still allowing proper voice and visual interactions
  • Helps reduce exposure to airborne droplets and moisture produced by sneezing, coughing and talking
  • Made from 100% clear polycarbonate, won’t crack or break
  • Freestanding with feet included, portable design offers quick and easy relocation and repositioning.  Simple assembly – no tools required!
  • Convenient 6" pass-through opening accommodates exchanges of documents or money
  • Smooth, clean edges ensures a professional look and safer handling
  • Ideal for small businesses, banks, offices and retail stores
  • Perfect for use at reception stations, cashier stands, teller windows, service counters and personal desks

Designed and manufactured in the USA

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Product Details:

Polycarbonate Clear Shield:

  • Width - 24 Inches
  • Height - 32 Inches
  • Thickness - 1/4 Inch